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Serving Families Nation Wide

Speak With a VERIFIED AGENT In Your State


Serving Families Nation Wide

Background Checked

All agents on our platform have undergone a Federal background check, as well as individual background checks by each carrier they work with. This ensures you only work with agents that are both financially and legally sound.

Licensed By States

Agents must receive a separate license for each state they serve. This means they devote more time to ensuring they understand the rules and regulations in each location they help, as well as continue to maintain education for each of those states.

Routinely Reviewed

Agents must undergo routine and random reviews of the policies they write, ensuring they are doing right by the families they serve. They undergo continuous evaluations of the policies they put into place, leaving you assured that the agent you work with will be doing what is right by you and your loved ones.

Ongoing Training

Agents must continue to receive continuing education on the products they bring to you, the client. They must take classes and ongoing exams to ensure to the carriers and Agent Verifier that they understand the market and understand the proper situation for every product.

Agents On Our Platform are Licensed and Trained

All agents verified through Agent Verifier are licensed with the states they write insurance policies in. The licensing process is rigorous and requires agents to undergo extensive education to provide the best possible products to you and your family based on your individual situation. Each agent on our platform also undergoes ongoing education to ensure that they stay current with changes in the market and insurance in general.

About Agent Verifier

With the industry ever-changing. One thing remains consistent. Consumers need to know they are working with ligament professionals who are able to keep all personal data safe and secure. Because of this, Agent Verifier was born. We are on a mission to provide consumers with real information about the agents they are working with, ensuring that consumers will be able to have verifying documents about licenses readily available and easily accessible to cross-reference with the state licensing department. We do this by linking to the state's individual verification sites as well as requiring our verified agents to provide their National Producer Number (the Social Security Number of the insurance world) to be readily available on their agent profile.

Understanding the Licensing Process

What Must Agents Go Through to Become Licensed?

Every state is a little different when it comes to getting licensed. With that said, the normal process involves undergoing an extensive program to understand the different types of insurance, the laws surrounding what can and must take place during the application process, and what products are best for each individual client. From there, they are required to take a Licensing exam and submit to a criminal/financial background check with the state. After passing this process, agents are then issued their licenses where they then need to apply with carriers to be able to write the products that the individual carriers offer. In order to get contracted with the carriers, agents must submit to another background check by the carrier, as well as provide proof of insurance to protect their clients in the event of an error or omission. After licensing, agents are required to maintain a minimum number of continuing education hours as well as renew their licenses in order to continue to serve you.

Agents on Agent Verifier have all met these rigorous requirements.

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